International Students

Admissions Procedures

Applications must be completed in accordance with the admissions office’s instructions.

Applicants must submit their applications directly to the NACTVET online application portal, which is accessible at

Students should choose Tandabui as their preferred institution and the course of their choosing.

Committee for Admissions

The admissions officer will present the short-listed applicants to the admissions committee. The admissions committee will provide the last permission for admission. Original certificates must be shown in order for the Admissions Office to authenticate them for accepted students. Additionally, all selected students will be asked to pay a position confirmation and withholding fee of USD 100 for international students and 200,000/= for local students. As soon as you get to Tandabui, this fee will be added to the tuition cost.

Transferring Students

Transfer is done by the applicant via NACTVET website. Careful scrutiny will done, confidential report must be brought from the Institution the candidate was previously admitted.

International Students

The institute understands the importance of diverse cultural experiences to a growing nation like Tanzania. International students are admitted if they have qualifications required of Tanzania students. They must also be English speakers.

The applicant should make sure to apply for  Foreign Award verification by NECTE (National Examinations Council of Tanzania is an agency of the Tanzanian government). NECTA is also responsible for equating foreign certificates of similar education levels. Certificates issued by Foreign Examinations Boards/Councils shall, therefore, be equated to NECTA’s awards basing on international procedures for equating certificates. This can be done through the institutions website or email us through for help. . None the less, the applicant can request assistance from the institute’s admission office for quick qualification evaluation process.

The applicant should follow the normal processes as directed from the NACTVET- admission system after obtaining the evaluation equivalent number from the system.

All other processes including residence permits, health insurance, residence places can be organized with the help of the dean.


Only after paying the necessary fees may students be registered. Three weeks after the institution’s opening, all prospective students must register. A student will forfeit their ability to register for that semester if they don’t do so before the deadline at the start of the semester. Documents required for Registration

  1. Evidence of payment of fees
  2. Medical Examination Report
  3. Original certificates and transcripts (Form four)
  4. Original admission letter
  5. (4 passport size and 2 stamp size photographs)
  6. Passport if the applicant is a foreign student and other documents relevant to the processing of residence permits
  7. Birth certificate.