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WHO (2000) states that a girl may experience gender-based violence and discrimination from the time of birth to maturity, and this even applies to elderly. She endures abuse and disgrace from her family and the people in her community at every stage of her life, and the tortures and prejudice never end. Tanzania is one of the nation having one of the worst rates and levels of gender inequality and violence against women and girls. However, gender-based violence and gender inequality are prevalent at a high incidence throughout the Lake Zone area, including the Mara, Mwanza, and Shinyanga areas. Six out of ten women have suffered gender-based violence, inequality, or discrimination at some point in their lives, according to the prevalence of gender violence rate of 64%. Injuries, melancholy brought on by isolation, unplanned pregnancy HIV/AIDS and worst of all, the loss of a woman’s life are the results of this gender violence.

Traditional beliefs and practices, low literacy, stigma, poverty, breakdown, and fear of retaliation were determined to be the key issues that contribute to gender-based violence and inequality in Tanzania. Many young boys and girls have had the concepts of masculinity and manhood superiority ingrained in them through social and cultural practices. Furthermore, the community is not yet prepared to speak out against gender-based violence.

However, it has been demonstrated that once women are empowered and taught to rebel against the conventional conventions, there is a significant improvement and decrease in gender violence occurrences. Peer-to-peer interactions, intellectual discussions, awareness campaigns and practice based knowledge on never to ignore GBV will help to 

promote community engagement and eradicate the issue of gender-based violence by changing the mentalities of young boys and girls.

In order to prevent gender violence and inequality in the community, the Tandabui Gender Desk has dedicated itself to educating young boys and girls to never keep quiet about matters involving gender violence. Moreover, updating the community and stakeholders on laws and policies that governs gender-based violence and inequality. We regularly visit secondary and primary schools to educate the staff and students on gender-related issues, equality, and masculinity. Our students have found this to be successful because it has given them counseling and teaching experience.

This is just the tip of what the desk has been up to in terms of service to the community.  Furthermore, the desk has been hearing complaints and issues relating to gender violence and gives victims the appropriate guidance.

Tandabui Gender desk Activities in Pictures

Tandabui Gender desk

The management of Tandabui Health Institute would like to let community members and other stakeholders know that a gender desk is available to provide guidance, listen to complaints, and resolve any conflicts involving gender-based violence. Visit our website at www.tihest.org to stay current and informed.

Don’t keep quiet; share details about instances of gender-based violence.

Call: 0677020216

Email: genderdesk@tihest.org